Get Rid of Moles

Are you looking to get rid of moles?  Not the kind on your face, the other ones.  Do you have moles in the lawn?  Well friend you've come to the right place. 

Star-Nosed Mole, photo courtesy of flickr and taken by Brandon Motz

You may be a homeowner, a gardener, a lawns keeper or all three.  If so you have probably had a run in or two with the common Eastern mole or one of his cousins, the star-nosed mole or hairy-tailed mole.  Maybe you've never seen a mole live and in person but I'm guessing you've seen their tell-tale tunnels and mounds marring your well manicured lawn.

Get Rid of Moles photo courtesy of Flickr by Matt Seppings

 I made this website just for you.  Like you I also am a homeowner and gardener and as much as I appreciate all of God's wonderful creatures I also appreciate a nice looking lawn.  I spent a couple years battling those underground critters to no avail.  One homespun remedy after another. And don't get me started on GRUB POISON.  Forget them.They don't work.  Did you know that earthworms are the moles' number one breakfast, lunch and dinner? I looked high and low on the internet and tried tip after tip. I am of the conviction that to win the battle with the mole you need three things and three things only...




If you have moles in your lawn and you want to get rid of moles you need these...

  1. humane mole traps
  2. mole poisons, specifically poisoned gel worms
  3. knowledge of the mole and its biology and behavior


Without number 3 the mole traps and poisons won't do anything but waste your time and money.


If you want to kill ground moles effectively and take back your lawn you need to learn about all three, mole traps, mole poison and how Scalopus aquaticus thinks and acts.  Use these to implement a three-pronged strategy to safely, effectively and humanely rid your lawn of the those unsightly mole hills and trails. 

Mole trap photo courtesy of Flickr by benketaro

Did I mention SAFETY?

Before we go any farther let's consider the safety of children, pets, other critters and last but not least...YOU.


Yes friend the mole traps I will be recommending to you on the other pages are sharp, spring-loaded fast and very powerful.  These traps don’t know the difference between a star-nosed mole and your hand.  Be very careful.  Follow the manufacturer’s directions and warnings.  And most importantly keep them out of the hands of a child and educate your boys and girls so they know better then to mess around with a set mole trap.


Probably even more dangerous are the poisoned gel worms.  They look just like a gummy worm to me and you know what that means.  It is your responsibility to keep them stored safely away from gummy worm grabbers and follow the manufacturers directions to the T when placing them in the ground.  Does that scare you?  I hope so.  It scares me.


So to recap…

If you want to Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard or Garden you need…


  1. Mole Traps
  2. Mole Poison
  3. Mole Smarts

What are we waiting for? Let’s check out some mole traps.