Victor Mole Trap

The Victor Mole Trap Plunger model # 0645 and the Victor Mole Trap model # 0631, Out O' Sight Scissor Style are considered by many experienced ground mole trappers to be the only two traps worth having.  I think the Nash Mole Traps which are a cinch style trap or choker mole trap also deserve a mention.  I like them all and feel you will be well served with any or all three of these traps in your arsenal.  All three work on the same premise as far as having a trap pan placed on the top side of the mole tunnel and striking when being pushed up.  That is where the similarity ends as the killing mechanisms are differnent in all three.



Trapping is the most successful and practical method of getting rid of moles. 


The Victor Mole Trap model 0645 is also known as a plunger mole trap.  There are other brands of plunger traps out there but I believe Victor is the original.  This plunger or harpoon style mole trap seems to be the most popular and available of the different varieties and is designed for being set on-top of the ground directly over the mole runway so that its supporting stakes straddle the tunnel and its spikes plunge down and harpoon the mole as it pushes up on the trigger pan. 



To effectively set a Victor plunger trap you first must select a surface runway where there is evidence of fresh mole activity.  The burrow should also run in a straight line.

  1. Dig out a portion of the burrow.
  2. Locate the tunnel.
  3. Replace the soil, packing it firmly where the trigger pan will rest.
  4. Push trap down until spears have bottomed out.
  5. Preset spear holes by plunging spears up and down until they travel easily to the bottom on their own.
  6. Before setting the trap, make sure the firing latch is outside the pan.
  7. Holding the trap frame in place, rapidly pull upward on handle until the firing latch snaps over the pan. Let T handle down until latch catches.
  8. Trap is set.  Make sure pan is firmly resting on packed soil and contacting roof of tunnel. 




The Victor Mole Trap model 0631 is also called the Out O' Sight trap and is the most common scissor variety on the market.  These traps have have large scissor-like blades that are inserted around the mole tunnel after pushing down a small area for the trigger.  When the mole excavates the collapsed part of the tunnel, the scissors slam shut and kill the mole.  The Out O' Sight works well on the deeper main mole tunnels that are usually 8 to 12 inches below the surface.



As with the Plunger style Victor trap when setting the Scissor style trap you must first select a runway that has evidence of fresh mole activity.

Placing Victor Scissor Trap in mole tunnel.

  1. Dig a hole down to the main tunnel.  Make sure the hole is no bigger than the mole trap and that it is aligned with a straight section of the tunnel.
  2. Build a mound in the center of hole using loose soil.
  3. Place mole trap in hole, pushing down firmly until it rests on the mound.
  4. Fill in the tunnel with soil and release safety hook.


*To safely set the scissor trap please follow the manufacturers directions on box it came in.  It's just easier that way.


As I mentioned earlier you may  want to check out the Nash Cinch or Choker Mole Traps also.  I have not used them personally but know some knowledgable lawn care specialists who sing their praises.



So the Victor Mole Trap is one of the weapons in our bag of tricks as mentioned on the last page, Get Rid of Moles.  One of the other keys to proper mole management is knowledge of a moles behavior and habits.  Please follow this link from Victor Mole Trap to Moles in the Yard to learn what's going on between that ground moles ears.